Company Group FAZIT

Nursing homes

Founded 1993 by Volker Zahn with two employees at the beginning, sold in 2006 with 500 employees.

FAZIT was one oft he biggest private provider for nursing and rest homes in Germany.

Turnover: 215,
Care places: 600,
Supervised flats: 204

Company Group FAZIT

Seniorenwohnzentrum: Südpark
Town: Erlangen

20 care places
40 supervised flats

Seniorenwohnzentrum: Am Erienfeld
Town: Erlangen

94 care places
31 supervised flats

Seniorenwohnzentrum: Franz Ludwig
Town: Bamberg

78 care places
18 supervised flats

Seniorenwohnzentrum: Nonnenbrücke
Town: Bamberg

76 care places

Seniorenwohnzentrum: Tuchmachergasse
Town: Herzogenaurach

20 care places
23 supervised flats

Seniorenwohnzentrum: Friedrichstraße
Town: Bamberg

98 care places
28 supervised flats

Seniorenwohnzentrum: An der Schlossbrücke
Town: Greiz

96 care places

Seniorenwohnzentrum: Am Schwanenteich
Town: Zwickau

126 care places
42 supervised flats

Seniorenwohnzentrum: Am Bürgerplatz
Town: Rödental

90 care places
22 supervised flats

Facts and figures:

Founding: 1993
Sales figures: 215,9 MIO Euro
Employee: 500
Care places: 600
Assisted living flats: 204
Occupancy rate: 99%

Range of services:

Respite care
Ambulant care
Assisted living
Leisure activities